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Scappoose Chief Suspended

Posted on 10th September 2013 at 16:07

The Chief of Police in Scappoose is wrapping up an unpaid suspension, and it’s reported that he’s also facing a second investigation into his activities. The South County Spotlight is reporting on the suspension of Doug Greisen, saying that a number of red flags have been raised. They say that Griesen was put on unpaid leave after an internal investigation showed a number of violations. Scappoose City Manager Jon Hanken says that Greisen had a number of violations, including his duties as a supervisor, training, record-keeping, driving tactics, and failing to remain current with up-to-date police procedures. Hanken says that other “potential issues” were discovered, which is prompting a second internal investigation. Greisen was placed on leave on August 26th, and was scheduled to resume work yesterday. Greisen reportedly acknowledged the issues that were raised, and says that he’s confident that everything will “smooth itself out.”