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School Starts

Posted on 31st August 2015 at 09:09

Summer is over for some school kids in the local area, while other have another few days before the school doors swing open. Today is the first day of school for first-through-fifth graders in the Kelso School District, and it’s also “Transition Day” for 6th and 9th-graders, giving those kids a full day to become acquainted with their new buildings. All other students will start classes tomorrow. Winlock Schools will open classes tomorrow, while Longview, Kalama, Toutle Lake, and Wahkiakum will all start on Wednesday. Next Tuesday, Castle Rock will open for 1st through 6th-graders and 9th-graders, followed by all classes on Wednesday. Rainier is also opening next Tuesday for 7th and 9th-graders, along with students new to the district. Clatskanie 7th-graders will start next Tuesday, then all students will get going on Wednesday, the 9th.