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School Study

Posted on 30th July 2013 at 15:51

The Longview School Board continues to mull over options and scenarios for management of the district buildings, spending about two hours last night examining three new options that were proposed by school staff and by citizens. Even with the current nine proposals, School Board President Jerry Stinger says that the ultimate answer for Longview Schools may be entirely different…studysession…The point was made several times at last night’s meeting that there’s no “fiscal cliff” that the district is facing, so they have time to be deliberate and considerate as they review all of the information before making a decision. Several board members say that it would probably be a good idea to identify “trigger points,” situations where action by the School Board would be necessary. They also say that it’s probably wise at this point to wait for some additional information, including demographic information that’s being prepared by Portland State University, along with a review of some financial numbers being done by ESD 112. One of the bigger factors will be the results of a phone survey that’s being developed. Stinger says that understanding what citizens are thinking about the situation with Longview will be a key driver in their ultimate course of action.