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School Survey

Posted on 29th October 2013 at 15:29

Given the results of a scientifically valid phone survey that was conducted by the Longview School District in late September, the issue of school closure, consolidation and long-term facility planning is officially being moved to the back burner. Ben Patinkin of Patinkin Research Strategies reported the results of the survey at last night’s school board meeting, saying that a strong majority of Longview residents aren’t convinced that this is a major problem, and doesn’t really need to be addressed immediately. School Board President Jerry Stinger says passing a new levy is now job one…schoolsurvey…Patinkin says that residents have a high opinion of Longview Schools, and they’re generally aware that the district has lost students over the past decade. However, only about 30 percent of survey respondents say that the declining enrollment is a “serious” problem, and only 20 percent strongly support a reduction in the number of school buildings at this time. Patinkin also says that a majority of residents want the district to continue to look for “creative solutions” to the district’s problems. Stinger says that the message is pretty clear, and that the Board’s focus now needs to move to passage of next year’s replacement levy. He also says that there will be a new Board makeup in the next year, and it will be up to the new School Board to decide on those priorities. District officials say that the full survey, results and questions will soon be posted on the Longview Schools website.