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Search Continues

Posted on 28th May 2014 at 15:58

The effort to find the body of a five year-old Tacoma boy who was swept away in the Cispus River is continuing. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office says that the boy fell into the river over the weekend, as his family was at an unimproved campsite about ten miles from Randle. They say he was riding a motorcycle, and then fell in when he got too close to the river bank. The boy’s 32 year-old father jumped in to try and rescue the boy, but couldn’t get to him before he was swept downstream. The father was carried about a half-mile downstream before he could get out. What was thought to be the boy’s helmet, hung up on a log about a mile downstream from where the boy went in, actually turned out to be his visor. The very swift and cold water, along with steep embankments and heavy brush is making the search effort extremely difficult and dangerous. The focus of the search is being narrowed to several log jams in the river. An update is expected later this morning.