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Search Updates

Posted on 1st October 2013 at 15:53

After another fruitless day of searching, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office is suspending the search for Thad Roberts, 32, of Kelso. He has been missing since Saturday evening, after a kayaking mishap on the Lewis River. Fishing companions reported him as missing at about 10 pm last night, saying that he had become separated from them while they were going after salmon near the Cedar Creek Boat Ramp. Deputies found his kayak and a life jacket about three-quarters of a mile downstream from the boat ramp, but no other sign has been found since then.

In Skamania County, they’re planning to go back out today to resume a search for Kristopher Zitzewitz, 31, of Portland. He’s been missing since Sunday, after he got separated from a hiking party, as they were looking for caves in the lava beds near Goose Lake. 21 volunteers went out yesterday, using 4×4’s and search dogs. The search effort continued until dark, but officials say that deep crevices, holes and the heavy rains make this a hazardous place to be.

North Country EMS helped to get an 81 year-old man out of the woods near Mt. St. Helens, after he’d been stranded out there overnight. Around 4:20 yesterday afternoon, a man called Cowlitz County Deputies from the 8123 Road in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, reporting that the man was stranded near Trout Lake. He had spent the night in the woods, but was unable to extricate himself further. North Country made contact with the man at about 6:20 pm, reporting that he couldn’t see, couldn’t walk and was showing signs of hypothermia. They were able to complete the extrication from there; the man’s name and condition haven’t been updated.