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Semi Crash

Posted on 30th June 2011 at 08:10

No injuries were reported when a semi loaded with paper from Weyerhaeuser rolled over on the on-ramp from Third Avenue to Tennant Way. Longview Police say this happened around 12:40 pm, when a truck from Bridge Transport Terminal overturned on the on-ramp. The driver says that he’d just picked up a container with 45,000 pounds of paper, and says he apparently was going too fast at he approached the ramp. He says that the trailer started shaking, then tipped as he attempted to head onto Tennant Way. Another truck had to be brought in as the cargo was unloaded; traffic was slowed, but wasn’t blocked by the wreck. It took about nine hours to get the cargo re-loaded and the truck removed. There’s no word yet on possible citations.