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Shooter Drill

Posted on 19th September 2013 at 16:07

Those involved in yesterday’s “active shooter drill” at Lower Columbia College say that the event was a complete success, helping to provide key practice for local law enforcement, fire agencies, schools and emergency health care providers. LCC Security Director Casey Tilton says that this was an extremely valuable exercise. The drill started a few minutes after 9 am yesterday, when a “911 call” came in, reporting that two men with guns were seen on campus. That was followed by a call saying that “shots were fired” near the Admissions Center. Several local police agencies responded, confronting one of the “suspects,” who ended up being “shot” in the chest. A second suspect went into the Library, which then led to several students being “wounded,” ending with a shootout and the apprehension of the “suspect.” The drill was over just after noon; Tilton says that more than a dozen observers were also involved, collecting information that will be shared with the agencies involved, evaluating the response and making recommendations for future action. In the end, Tilton says that he “couldn’t be more pleased.”