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Shooter Surrenders

Posted on 27th February 2015 at 09:00

Christopher Lee Yourkwitz, 41, of Kelso is now in custody; Deputies say that the man who’s accused of shooting his roommate Wednesday night turned himself in at the Hall of Justice. After friends and family of the victim in the shooting sent out an appeal to have Yourkwitz surrender, the suspect contacted the Sheriff’s office at about 7:40 pm, saying that he was coming in, because he “didn’t want a big deal.” They say Yourkwitz showed up at the Hall of Justice a few minutes later, and was arrested without further incident. They also say that he was unarmed, so they’re still working to find the .45 pistol that was involved in Wednesday night’s incident. Investigators now say that that the shooting may have been accidental. Those on the scene say that an argument got started after the victim, Christopher “Wyatt” Potter, 35, made some disparaging remarks about Yourkwitz’ ex-wife, and Potter was shot during that argument. Yourkwitz is now being held without bail on charges of 3rd-degree domestic violence assault and felon in possession of a gun, as the investigation continues.