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Shooting Appeal

Posted on 26th June 2013 at 16:20

The Washington state attorney general’s office is asking the state appeals court to reconsider its decision to grant a new trial to a man convicted of shooting a Washington state trooper at Long Beach in 2010. The court overturned Martin Arthur Jones’ attempted murder conviction earlier this month, saying the trial judge erred by selecting alternate jurors during a court recess instead of in open court. In its appeal, the AG’s office claims that the alternates were selected during a break, not a “closed session,” so Jones’ right to a public trial wasn’t affected. They claim that these type of administrative tasks are not part of the “right to a public trial,” and that the alleged breach is “trivial,” and shouldn’t rise to the level of invalidating a jury verdict. In 2010, Trooper Scott Johnson identified the 49 year-old Jones as the man who shot him during a traffic stop near Long Beach. The Seaview resident was sentenced to 50 years in prison after a trial in 2011. Johnson recovered from his wounds, and was elected Pacific County Sheriff in 2011.