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Shooting Arraignment

Posted on 6th December 2017 at 08:42

A 13 year-old Kelso boy is pleading “not guilty” to charges of first-degree manslaughter, charges filed in connection with the fatal shooting of 13 year-old Edgar Vasquez of Kelso. The Coweeman Middle School student died on October 14th, while visiting the home of his friend. Yesterday morning in Cowlitz County Juvenile Court, documents were introduced, showing that Vasquez was fatally wounded when the 13 year-old pointed a Benelli shotgun in his direction, and then pulled the trigger. It’s reported that the boy had cycled the action on the shotgun, ejecting a shell. The boy says that he thought the gun was empty when he pulled the trigger. A 12 year-old cousin of the 13 year-old was also in the house, and she heard the boys chasing each other a few minutes before she heard what she described as a “balloon pop.” She then heard the boy screaming to call 911. Judge Marilyn Haan set a trial date of February 8th, with a pre-trial hearing currently scheduled for January 2nd. At this time, 18 people have been identified as witnesses, with the trial expected to take about three days. The teen continues to remain out of custody, after his family posted bail.