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Shooting Sentence

Posted on 13th April 2018 at 08:52

Two men that were involved in a shooting on the day after Christmas of last year are now facing jail time, after sentences were handed down in Cowlitz County Superior Court. The Daily News reports on the hearings involving Dustin Scott Hurliman, 38, and Joel Williams, 39. On December 26th of last year, Hurliman was shot in both legs; Williams claims that Hurliman begged to be shot, to try and avoid going to jail. On March 22nd, Williams pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree assault, and he’s scheduled to be sentenced on that count on Tuesday of next week. Hurliman also pleaded guilty to several counts, the most major of those charges being the unlawful possession of a shotgun. Due to his extensive criminal background, Hurliman received a longer sentence than normal, set at 95 months in prison, or nearly eight years. Sentences on the other counts will run concurrently with the gun possession sentence. Williams reportedly faces additional jail time, after he allegedly threatened a medical technician at the Cowlitz County Jail. They say Williams denies making the threats; he continues to be held on bail of $10,000.