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Shooting Sentence–

Posted on 31st March 2010 at 07:40

Roy Steven Jorgenson, 59, of Woodland is being sentenced to nine months in jail, the term connected to his conviction for second-degree assault in the May, 2008 shooting of Chad Wilson, 41, of Kalama. Jorgenson shot Wilson four times as the men were fighting at Wilson’s high-end home development near Kalama; last week, a jury found Jorgenson guilty of second-degree assault, after Jorgenson claimed self-defense. Today’s Daily News reports on the court proceedings. Prosecutors had asked for a first-degree assault conviction, but the jury came back with the lesser charge. Prosecutors also failed to file the paperwork that would have added a firearm enhancement to the sentence. Superior Court Judge Jim Warme reportedly says that this is “as bad as any conduct that he has seen” in regard to a second-degree assault, but he was limited by law to a maximum term of nine months in jail. Wilson is reportedly “outraged” by the verdict, and has started a website,” where he describes his version of the incident, and shows this wounds. Wilson has undergone 14 surgeries since the shooting, and has permanent damages from those wounds. Jorgenson was taken into custody after the sentencing; he faces another court date in May, stemming from a separate arrest in November for DUI and unlawful possession of a gun.