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Shop Local Winners

Posted on 30th December 2010 at 08:51

There’s still ten days left to get signed up for the Shop Local and Win incentive program from the Kelso-Longview Chamber of Commerce. This week’s winners were announced yesterday; Kathy Osier, Sharon Campbell, Louise McLean, Judy Young, Summer Clemenson, Gurina Rodman, Dean Hutcheson, Judy Merrit, Keri Verhei, Sucrea Hutchison, Janet Pratt, Jason Mackey, Shana Busby, Mary Ann Coiner and Helene Watson were all winners this week, receiving gift certificates, gift cards and other prizes from local businesses in the drawing. Chamber officials say that they’re checked in nearly $111,000 in receipts from local businesses in this year’s campaign, and they still have ten days to go. The final grand prize drawing will be held a week from tomorrow, picking the winner of the Relaxation Package for Two at 5 pm on Friday, January 7th at 5 pm. All non-winning tickets that haven’t been chosen in previous drawings have been rolling over from week to week, and will be included in the final drawings. You can find out more and get registered by taking a receipt from a local business to the Chamber office on Olympia Way.