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Shoplifters Busted

Posted on 1st August 2013 at 16:03

Three women are under arrest after a shoplifting incident reported yesterday afternoon at the Longview Fred Meyer store. Store security contacted Longview Police at about 3:45 yesterday afternoon, reporting that the women were taking a large amount of material. In fact, they said that the women were taking so much stuff, they couldn’t keep track of it all. The security personnel attempted to stop the women as they left the store, and the suspects reportedly dumped out their bags and kept walking. Longview Police stopped the women in the 2100 block of 30th Avenue, and arrested all three. They say Camelia Rakia Lawson, 21, gave them a fake name at first, so she’s being charged with making a false statement to an officer. She’s also charged with second-degree retail theft with extenuating circumstances, second-degree theft and is also being served with a fugitive warrant out of Hillsboro. Ashley Monique Brazile, 22, of Vancouver and Tatiana Shanae Morris, 21, of Portland are both charged with second-degree theft and first-degree retail theft with extenuating circumstances. All three are currently being held without bail.