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Silver Lake Meeting

Posted on 30th June 2011 at 08:08

There’s a meeting planned for this evening at Toutle Lake High School, where the Department of Fish and Wildlife will present details on a a new study that’s planned for Silver Lake. The Cowlitz County Commissioners previously approved the formation of an advisory council on Silver Lake, charged with addressing concerns about the lake. This evening, the Silver Lake Advisory Council will roll out its proposed sampling plan, taking water from 20 different locations over the next two years. The Advisory Council has been consulting with several agencies on how to go about the testing, looking at phosphorus and seven other chemicals. This is being called the most extensive testing program ever done at Silver Lake, with a goal of helping to determine exactly what is causing the decline in water quality. Tonight’s meeting is set for 7 pm in the multi-purpose room at Toutle Lake High School; anyone interested is invited to attend.