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Skamania Searches

Posted on 2nd October 2013 at 15:54

Skamania County Undersheriff Dave Cox says that they had three active search operations going yesterday, and two of them are still active. A Coast Guard helicopter hoisted two hikers off of the Pacific Coast Trail near Mt. Adams, after they got bogged down in snow. The couple had been trying to hike from Mexico to Canada; Monday morning, they called out and reported that they may need rescue. Ground searchers were only able to get within three-quarters of a mile from the pair, so the chopper was called in, safely extricating the man and woman.

The ground search for Kristopher Zitzewitz, 31, of Portland is expected to resume at 8 am today, working in the Big Lava Beds about ten miles north of Cook, Washington. Zitzewitz has been missing since Saturday, after he got separated from fellow hikers as they searched for caves in that area. More than 40 ground searchers were involved in yesterday’s effort, and a similar number is expected today.

A search is also under way for Alejandra Wilson, 23, who failed to hook up with her father while on a hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. She was reported as overdue just before noon yesterday. She had last contacted her father on Friday, as she was leaving Trout Lake, heading for White Pass. A meeting is planned for this morning, to determine the proper course of action in this effort.