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Skimmer Update

Posted on 9th August 2018 at 09:24

Fibre Federal Credit Union is now confirming that “skimmers” have been placed on multiple ATM’s in Longview, Kalama and Woodland. On the credit union web page and on the company’s Facebook page, alerts have been posted, reporting that skimming devices were placed on ATM’s at the Fibre Federal branches in Kalama, Woodland, and on Ocean Beach Highway. At this time, they say that the devices were in place this past weekend, and the weekend before. Officials with Fibre Federal say that they are in the process of contacting members who used those machines by phone, while also advising customers of other banks who used those machines to monitor their accounts, and to keep close contact with their financial institutions. Fibre Federal says that the security of their members is extremely important to them, and they are proactively continuing to find ways to keep personal and banking information secure. They say that they are actively researching enhanced security features that will help to combat skimmers and other ATM fraud.

Meanwhile, photos of the man who is suspected of placing a skimmer at the Fibre Federal in Woodland continue to be circulated. Woodland Police released the photos on FlashAlert and on Facebook, with a goal of getting someone to recognize the man and to identify him to law enforcement. Check those photos on the Woodland Police Facebook page.