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Slavery Charges

Posted on 31st March 2011 at 08:07

A couple from Micronesia who’d been living in Longview for the past four years is now under Federal indictment, charged with forcing a woman to work for them and provide sexual favors. The U. S. Attorney’s Office in Tacoma reports that Edk Kenit, 29, and Choimina Lukas, 31, are now being held in the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac, held on charges of forced labor and attempted forced labor. It’s alleged that the couple forced another 19 year-old Micronesian woman to work in their home, doing domestic work and other manual labor. There are also allegations that Kenit forced the woman to perform sexual favors, as well. Federal officials say that the abuse took place over an 11-month period, with Kenit and Lukas confiscating the woman’s identification documents as a way to compel her further service. Kenit and Lucas appeared in Federal court last week, and were ordered to be held pending trial. Leigh Winchell with Homeland Security says that no one should be forced to live in a world of isolation and servitude, especially in this country, where pride is taken in individual and collective freedoms. Winchell says this indictment will send a strong message to those who falsely believe they can hold others against their will.