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Slide Work Stopped

Posted on 28th April 2017 at 08:39

After workers reported additional land and water movement, the effort to remove the slide that’s blocking the Kalama River Road is being suspended. Mark Koelsch with Cowlitz County Public Works says that contractors reported that material was continuing to come off of the top of the slide that’s about ten miles east of the freeway, and they also reported seeing water seeping through layers in the middle of the slide. Koelsch says that they told the contract crew to stop work until an inspection can be done; a Monday morning meeting is being set up to review that inspection, and to determine a course of future action. The road was closed by the slide on April 9th, the second closure of the road within a month. County officials have no estimate as to when the road might re-open. Local residents are still using Weyerhaeuser’s 6000 Line as a detour.