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Slide/Flood Updates

Posted on 20th March 2017 at 09:18

Rail traffic is moving through the local area again, after a landslide between Kelso and Vancouver was cleared late last week, but Kalama River Road and State Route 503 remain closed by slides. The Weather Service also says that landslide danger will remain extremely high until things start drying out. The Weather Service issued a Special Weather Statement last night, saying that the recent rainfall is keeping local soils saturated, and that landslide thresholds set by the USGS are being exceeded. They say that there’s an “elevated threat” of shallow slides, evidenced by the slides on Kalama River Road and SR 503. Weather Service officials say that you can learn more by going to, select “hydrology,” and then scroll down to get the link to the Landslide Information page.

The Flood Warning on the Columbia River in Vancouver continues, and the Weather Service says that the river will remain over the Minor Flood stage of 16 feet for most of the week. The river is running at 16.83 feet this morning, and is expected to remain around that level through the week, before dropping below flood stage on the weekend. Only minor flooding is expected, including some riverside parks and trails. The Columbia in Longview and the Cowlitz in Kelso are below flood stage, and they’re expected to remain below those levels.