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Snow Rescue

Posted on 28th February 2011 at 09:01

A Vancouver couple is back at home, safe and sound, after spending nearly a week stranded in the snow near the Ape Caves. John and Patricia Norvell, both 63 years of age, had taken off on Monday, heading up to take some pictures in the snow near Mt. St. Helens. They got into some deep snow, and when they tried to back down, their SUV slid into a ditch. The couple hadn’t alerted anyone about their trip, so no one knew they were missing until the middle of the week. They rationed the gas left in their Jeep Cherokee, turning the engine on and off to stay warm; they also rationed out their meager food rations, and spooned snow into water bottles. The couple’s ordeal ended on Friday, when some folks running up to drop some gear off at a nearby cabin happened upon the stranded Jeep. Despite having spent the better part of five days in the cold, with little food, the Norvell’s were in pretty good shape, and didn’t even go to the hospital. John Norvell says that during their ordeal, they made a list of supplies, to make sure that they pack those items on future adventures.