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Special Meeting

Posted on 19th December 2013 at 16:50

The Longview City Council usually adjusts its meeting schedule in November and December, working around the holidays, but today’s special meeting will have a little more “oomph” than usual. The meeting just before Christmas is usually reserved for signing off on paperwork; instead, the Council will once again take up the discussion about the “de minimus” issue on the Washington Way Bridge over Lake Sacajawea. It its meeting on Tuesday, the Longview Parks Board reaffirmed its decision to support narrower sidewalks and a smaller footprint for the bridge, opposing plans for wider sidewalks that were approved by the City Council and the Historic Preservation Commission. Unless all three groups agree, there would have to be a federal decision of who actually has jurisdiction over the design, along with a full review. That could add as much as a year to the project, along with another $300,000 in costs. The Parks Board counters that the narrower sidewalks still meet the city’s goals, and could shave $100,000 in material costs. Today’s meeting starts at 4 pm, and is open to the public.