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State of the County

Posted on 30th June 2016 at 09:25

At yesterday’s “State of the County” report from the Cowlitz County Commissioners, we’re learning that the county’s financial outlook is improving, but Commissioner Dennis Weber is making a call that he says would be “transformative.” Weber says that the state needs to locate a four-year college or university in Cowlitz County, something that he says would bring people, jobs and development…stateofthecounty…Weber says that Cowlitz County needs about 2,000 more family-wage jobs to adequately serve the local population and job force. He notes that local schools do a great job of getting kids ready for college and for the workforce, but he notes that there is little opportunity for those kids to try and return home. He says that a four-year school could be an anchor and a catalyst for business development. Commission Chair Mike Karnofski says that the overall economic picture is better, but challenges remain. Commissioner Joe Gardner lined out how the county’s infrastructure is aging and needs attention. Gardner also had high praise for the county’s response to last winter’s flooding, on the response side with the rescue up on Kalama River Road, and on the information side, with Emergency Management providing consistent and timely information to Cowlitz County citizens.