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Steelhead Change

Posted on 7th May 2018 at 09:10

Effective immediately, the lower Kalama River is re-opening to hatchery steelhead retention. Early last month, the river was closed, as the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife was concerned that the hatchery may not get enough fish to meet egg production goals. Those goals have since been met, so the river can re-open to fishing. The Kalama is now open to hatchery steelhead angling, going from the boundary markers at the mouth to a point 1,000 feet below the fishway at the upper salmon hatchery. Anglers can keep three hatchery steelhead; in fact, anglers will be required to retain hatchery steelhead caught on the Kalama through June 30th. The river also remains open for Spring Chinook retention. Get full details from WDFW.