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Stolen Car Recovered

Posted on 27th February 2017 at 06:06

Multiple felony charges are being filed against Iosipo J. Johns, 26, of Longview, and others could be filed his arrest yesterday morning. Longview Police say that Johns was driving a vehicle that had been involved in a robbery and a kidnapping that took place last Friday in Yakima. LPD reported spotting the car at about 8:30 yesterday morning, driven by Johns in the 200 block of 21st Avenue. Longview Police tracked the car to the area of 30th and Dover, where Johns was involved in a crash. During the check on the car, the information from Yakima came up, also saying that the car was stolen, and that the driver was armed with a pistol. Police say that they did recover a pistol; Johns is now being charged with possession of a stolen car, illegal possession of a gun, felon in possession of a gun, and possession of illegal drugs. He’s also being served with a previous warrant. A 17 year-old runaway girl that was in the car is also being returned to Yakima. The investigation is continuing.