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Storms a’ Brewin’

Posted on 17th October 2017 at 09:10

The Weather Service says that a series of storms is bearing down on the region, bringing heavy rains, winds and the possibility of some flooding in certain areas. Forecaster say that “several moisture-laden weather systems” are coming into the area through the rest of this week; the first one starts tomorrow afternoon and going through Thursday morning. The greatest threat is expected tomorrow, then again from Saturday into Sunday. Snow levels will be up around 7,000 feet, then will drop to 4,000 feet before going back up to 7,500 feet on Saturday. They say that lowland flooding is possible, due to leaves and other debris blocking storm drains. The threat of river flooding is expected to be low, but areas hit by wildfire could be at risk. Areas like Norse Peak and Jolly Mountain could be at risk, due to ground cover being burned off. Rock slides and debris flows could also be a hazard. People living downstream from these areas should pay attention to weather forecasts and conditions as this weather pattern evolves.