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Stormwater Hearing

Posted on 31st May 2011 at 07:56

The County Commissioners continue their public hearing on revised stormwater management rules for the urban areas outside the city limits of Longview and Kelso. The regulations are required under federal and state law. In a hearing held several weeks ago, several local contractors said that the regulations are too burdensome, and will affect many more people that county officials claim. On the other side, it was noted that the regulations are more lenient than similar ordinances recently enacted inside the city limits of Kelso and Longview, and that has city officials asking that the county not pass anything that’s different that those ordinances. The Commissioners say that they’re trying to work with everyone to make the rules less impactful, but still able to pass state and federal muster. Today’s hearing will be held at 10 am, but the final vote on the ordinance won’t be taken until June 21st.