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STP Weekend

Posted on 14th July 2017 at 08:57

Some think it’s very cool, others who live along West Side Highway endure, as the annual Kasier-Permanente Seattle-to-Portland Bike Ride happens this weekend. Starting early tomorrow morning at the University of Washington, 10,000 bicycle riders will start the 202-mile trip to Portland, riding along several roads in Cowlitz and Columbia Counties. The ride starts at 4:45 tomorrow morning in Seattle, and we should start seeing the first riders in this area late tomorrow morning. In this area, we’ll see the most congestion starting Sunday morning, with thousands of bikes and riders on West Side Highway, 1st Avenue and Industrial Way, and on Highway 30 in Columbia County. Locally, most of the congestion will be on Sunday. To help ease some of that congestion, flaggers will be set up at the intersection of West Side Highway and PH 10 Road on Sunday; state troopers will be roving between Castle Rock and Longview, and they will also be directing traffic in the Lexington area. Delays of up to 20 minutes at a time are possible on the Lewis and Clark Bridge on Sunday between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm, as Gold Wing motorcycle club members escort groups of bikes across the bridge. One-day riders will not get this escort, and are expected to ride with the traffic. There will be heavy bicycle traffic heading into Portland all day on Sunday, so you’ll need to exercise some extra caution if you’re heading that way.