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Strike Continues

Posted on 31st August 2015 at 09:10

The picketing continues at KapStone Paper and Packaging, as the strike by the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers is now in its fifth day. The Sheriff’s Office is now investigating an incident reported last night on the strike line, as one of the union picketers apparently was struck by a car leaving the millsite. There have been several complaints coming from the 300 block of Fibre Way, with union officials complaining about contractors and others crossing the picket line at high rates of speed, while company officials complain that picketers are blocking traffic coming in and out. Around 6:40 last night, picketers called 911, reporting a fight and an assault, with one of picketers reportedly hit by a vehicle leaving the mill. Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig says that this was a very slow-speed impact; a union representative says that the picketer couldn’t get out of the way, and that the driver kept going, even with the striker right in front of him. The victim, identifies as Steve Blanchard, was taken to St. John Medical Center, but he declined treatment. Rosenzweig says that his office will continue to monitor the picket line, as long as manpower is available.