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Study Kiboshed

Posted on 28th October 2011 at 08:14

The test program to use groundwater to recharge Lake Sacajawea is over, as City of Longview officials report that the effort simply isn’t working. At last night’s City Council meeting, City Manager Bob Gregory announced that the study is being terminated, after another large algae bloom in recent days. The city had started the program as they move toward the closure of the Water Treatment Plant on Fishers Lane, looking for a way to deal with the loss of the intake from the Cowlitz River. It was planned that the lake would refill itself through groundwater that seeped into the lake from surrounding property and from underground springs. The plan was to run the test into next May, then evaluate the results to see if this was a viable way to recharge the lake’s water. Gregory says that this latest algae bloom shows that the test program is not a viable option, and they’ll start working to re-open the intakes from the Cowlitz, and get the lake flushed out once again. He says that process will take several days. He also says that they’ll continue work on figuring out how to supply water to the lake.