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Study Session

Posted on 11th June 2013 at 15:35

The Longview School Board says that there are still many miles to go, but the numbers are seeming to point to one solid conclusion. The conclusion is that the district can save a considerable amount of money by moving ahead with the consolidation plan that was endorsed by the Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee. Board President Jerry Stinger says that the picture is beginning to come into focus…schoolstudy…At last night’s study session, it was emphasized that NO decision has been made, and that the board still needs to take time to review additional options. Nelson Graham presented his review of the information that’s been gathered so far, saying that the enrollment decline is continuing. While the numbers of kids leaving the district should level off in the next few years, there is no indication that Longview will gain any new influx of school children. He says that there’s plenty of room on a Monticello-R. A. Long campus for a single high school, and that Mt. Solo and Cascade have enough room to handle Longview’s middle school population. He says that the district could be about $10 million ahead over ten years by going ahead with the consolidation plan, but the main message is that doing nothing is NOT an option. Stinger and the rest of the board say that there’s still a lot of work to do. They say that they need to meet with the community and with staff for input and other suggestions about how these issues might be addressed. During the regular meeting, the board approved a contract for a scientifically-valid phone poll, but details on the length and content of that poll haven’t been settled as of yet.