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Sunken Boat

Posted on 28th August 2013 at 16:05

While cleanup efforts continue upstream from the park, an advisory remains in place at Willow Grove County Park, warning people to stay out of the water as authorities deal with a sunken fishing boat near the Willow Grove Yacht Club. The Washington Department of Ecology sent out its first alert about the sinking of the 75-foot fishing trawler “Granby” at about 8:15 yesterday morning. Built in 1929, the “Granby” hadn’t been used as a fishing boat for a number of years, and was moored in the 6200 block of Willow Grove Road. Some time Monday night or Tuesday morning, the boat sunk where it was tied up. DOE officials say that the “Granby” could have had as much as 600 gallons of oil and diesel fuel aboard, and was already starting to leak. As of last night, it was estimated that between 50 and 100 gallons of fuel had escaped the vessel. A Coast Guard overflight showed a light sheen on the water six miles downstream from the boat. Cowlitz Clean Sweep is responding to help with containment and cleanup, along with Ballard Diving and Salvage. Pumping is under way to try and remove the remaining fuel, then a plan for raising and removing the boat will be developed. Work is also beginning to assess possible impacts on wetlands, fish and wildlife. It’s noted that the boat’s owner is cooperating fully. People are being advised to avoid boating, fishing or other water recreation in the Willow Grove area until the cleanup effort is completed.