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Superintendent Search

Posted on 11th January 2018 at 08:54

It appears that the Kelso School Board is on a fast track in its efforts to find a successor for Glenn Gelbrich, opting to initially go through a rapid process in its search. At Monday’s School Board meeting, the Board selected “Option 2” that was presented by a recruitment firm called Next Up Leadership, choosing to review a short list of “viable candidates,” selected according to a set of criteria that was developed after a “stakeholder outreach tour,” a series of meetings with faculty, district staff and other district leaders. Kelso School Board President Bob Lucas is reporting that an interview has already been set up for next week. Lucas says that they’re not announcing the name of this person as of yet, to protect that person and their current position, in the event that the person isn’t hired. If the School Board chooses not to hire this person, then they would fall back to “Option 1,” which would involve the development of a Request for Qualifications from firms that do superintendent searches. After 40 years in education and four years as Superintendent of Kelso Schools, Gelbrich plans to retire at the end of June.