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Survey Presentation

Posted on 28th October 2013 at 16:12

The Longview School Board meets this evening, with some long-awaited information to be presented at tonight’s meeting. Ben Pantinkin with Patinkin Research Strategies is scheduled to deliver the results of a scientifically-valid phone survey that the district conducted earlier this year, asking residents of the district about their opinion in regard to possible school consolidation. Since the beginning of this year, the School Board has been collecting information and soliciting input in regard to the possible closure and consolidation of facilities, as enrollment in the district continues on a downward trend.

The School Board is also scheduled to take action on a resolution to place a replacement levy on the February ballot, looking at a four-year levy to replace the Maintenance and Operations levy that expires at the end of next year. In conjunction with that, the School Board will be asked to approve a Technology and Capital Projects levy, also replacing a similar levy that expires at the end of next year. Tonight’s meeting starts at 7:30 pm, and is open to the public.