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Swanson Update

Posted on 19th June 2018 at 08:35

The retail shop at Swanson Bark and Wood Products will be open today, as it’s reported that the chip pile fire that shut down Tennant Way for several hours on Sunday is mostly out, and the situation is under control. The fire was first reported at about 5 pm on Sunday, as a passerby saw smoke coming from one of the large piles. The fire built in size, sending up a large plume of smoke; rail traffic was delayed for a while, as the fire spread into a grassy area next to the tracks. Fire officials turned the scene back over to Swanson employees yesterday morning, who will continue to monitor the pile for additional hotspots. It’s believed that the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion, the result of heat buildup from decay processes inside the chip pile. The company plans to use its sprinkler system and targeted extinguishers to keep any additional hotspots in check; they’re also considering the re-distribution of the chip piles, to try and reduce the possibility of additional fires.