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SWAT Arrest

Posted on 16th November 2017 at 08:54

Robert Joseph DePriest, 31, of Castle Rock is under arrest after he allegedly broke into a home on Buland Drive, an incident that the homeowner says that he witnessed on his cell phone. Austin Kohler lives in the 200 block of Buland Drive, and just after 8 yesterday morning, he got an alert on his smartphone that someone was breaking into his house. Kohler says that he was able to watch his security cameras in real time after the break-in, also taking a screenshot that he was able to forward to the Sheriff’s Office. They called for a K-9 unit and Lower Columbia SWAT to respond to the house. When SWAT arrived, they made several PA calls before sending a robot into the home. SWAT members eventually went into the house, where they claim to have found DePriest hiding in a bedroom closet. They say that DePriest had picked up a rifle, a .357 revolver, several knives and two cell phones, and he reportedly had those things with him in the closet. Deputies say that DePriest told them that he was “looking for food.” DePriest is now being held without bail on a first-degree burglary charge; he’s also being held on two outstanding warrants.