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Swift Fish Mover

Posted on 26th June 2013 at 16:11

A new $60 million fish collector is now up and running on Swift Reservoir, a mechanism that’s intended to help enhance and restore salmon and steelhead runs to the upper Lewis River. PacifiCorp says that the Swift Fish Collector is only the third of its kind in the entire world, and should help salmon and steelhead smolt that are trying to make their way to the Pacific Ocean. The collector is located just off the south end of Swift Dam, connected to the dam by an access trestle. Juvenile fish are drawn to the collector, which re-circulates water to simulate a lake outlet. The young fish are then collected in nets, and are taken by special trucks around the dams. Below Merwin Dam, the fish are released back into the river, to continue their trip to the ocean. PacifiCorp says this is only a part of their ongoing commitment to wildlife enhancement, recreation and flood management along the Lewis River.