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Sword Incident

Posted on 25th April 2013 at 16:04

Roberto Antonio Schneider, 25, of Woodland is being charged with felony harassment and reckless driving, after an incident where he allegedly skidded to a stop at a church on Park Street, then pulled out a samurai sword and threatened another man. This incident was reported to Woodland Police at about 8:45 last night, in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church. One witness reported that Schneider sped into the lot, skidded to a stop, then got out with some sort of “bar or a rifle.” A few minutes later, another man called 911, claiming that Schneider had threatened him, armed with a sword. The second man claims that Schneider told him “the next time I see you, you’re a dead man.” Schneider then sped off. Woodland Police contacted Schneider at a home on Upland Drive, taking him into custody a few minutes before ten pm. A sword was also logged into evidence at that time.