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Teen OD

Posted on 31st January 2011 at 08:57

A 17 year-old Kelso boy is being referred on drug possession charges after an apparent overdose incident that took place late yesterday afternoon at a home on Schoolhouse Road. At 5:45 pm, a 911 call came in, reporting that the teen had been found unconscious and not breathing. The teen’s stepfather, who is a nurse, started CPR, and reportedly got the boy breathing again. When paramedics arrived a few minutes later, they administered Narcan, and the boy revived completely. Shortly after 6 pm, it was reported that he was sitting up, conscious and breathing. When questioned about the incident, the teen reportedly admitted that he had smoked part of a Fentanyl patch; remnants of the patch were found in the room. A summons to Juvenile Court is being issued.