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Terry’s Reclamation

Posted on 12th September 2013 at 16:57

There was a small celebration yesterday morning in North Kelso, marking the reclamation of one of the city’s most notorious environmental problems, at the old Terry’s Auto Salvage site on North Pacific Avenue. Lower Columbia CAP is planning to put in a self-help housing project on the site, consisting of seven or eight “cottage-type” houses. Mayor David Futcher says that this could be the beginning of the renovation of all of North Kelso…terrys…Utilizing several hundred thousand dollars in state and federal grants, scrap cars were removed from the site, along with hundreds of scrap tires. Work still remains to remove contaminated soil, but once that is done, construction on the CAP housing project can begin. Ilona Kerby with CAP says that they’re not exactly sure when that will get under way, as work on the financing package is still continuing. Still, she says that completion of the financing is just a matter of time, and they anticipate getting started in the not-too-distant future.