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Theft Arrest

Posted on 26th November 2010 at 09:09

Arthur Leroy Wheeldon, 26, of Kelso faces four misdemeanor counts after he was identified as the man who grabbed some cash from the till at the Kelso Safeway fuel station yesterday morning. A station employee called Kelso Police at about 8:45 yesterday morning, saying that a man had come in and asked for some change. When the clerk opened the cash register, the man grabbed cash out of the drawer and then took off toward Allen Street. Kelso Police and State Troopers converged on the scene, stopping Wheeldon in less than five minutes. He had three $20 bills on him, and reportedly admitted that he’d stolen the money. Wheeldon was arrested for criminal trespassing, third-degree theft, resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. Total bail comes to $1,475.