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They Won’t Notice

Posted on 6th November 2013 at 16:51

Steven Todd Campbell, 51, is under arrest after a faux pas yesterday morning at the Hall of Justice security checkpoint. The Sheriff’s Office says that Campbell was coming into court for a hearing, having previously been out on bail for a meth possession charge. Campbell emptied his pockets for the metal detector, placing a number of items on the conveyor for the x-ray scanner. As Deputy Ryan Plank checked the scanning monitor, he noticed an item that looked like a meth pipe. A three-inch glass pipe was found tucked underneath a piece of paper on the tray; Plank arrested Campbell, and the pipe was taken for testing. Deputies say that residue in the pipe tested positive for meth. Campbell reportedly said that he had brought the pipe to the courthouse so that he could turn it in. Along with his previous charges of possession of meth and obstructing an officer, he is now being held on a new possession charge, held without bail until he has a court hearing.