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Thomson Sentencing

Posted on 4th April 2014 at 16:58

More than seven years after the crime took place, John Wayne Thomson should learn his ultimate fate today. The Daily News reports that Thomson should be scheduled for sentencing today in the August, 2006 murder of a man in southern California, and a jury is recommending that he receive the death penalty. That won’t be official until the judge actually pronounces the sentence. The only other option available is life without the possibility of parole. Thomson is also accused in the July, 2006, murder of Lori Hamm of Longview, and regardless of the sentence handed down in San Bernardino, Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur says that she plans to bring Thomson back to stand trial for that killing. Hamm’s parents attended parts of Thomson’s trial and sentencing hearings, and they’re also in Southern California for today’s scheduled hearing.