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Thomson Trial

Posted on 3rd October 2013 at 16:11

For the first time in public, details about the July, 2006 murder of Lori Hamm of Kelso are coming out. In their continuing coverage of the murder and mayhem trial of John Wayne Thomson, 53, the San Bernardino Sun reports on the latest presentation from the prosecution in that case. Audio and video tapes of interviews with Thomson were played yesterday in court, and in those tapes, Thomson described the killings of Hamm and of James Ehrgott of Spokane. In interviews with now-retired Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Detective Sid Ackler, Thomson says that killed Ehrgott in circumstances similar to those connected to the death of Charles Hedlund, the death he’s now on trial for. He claims that he shot Ehrgott after the older man made sexual advances, then dumped his body in Idaho. Thomson then stole his car and drove to Cowlitz County, where he befriended Hamm. Thomson claims that Hamm invited him to go shopping with her, but then he got upset as she started talking about the “drama” involving an old boyfriend. Thomson eventually talked Hamm into letting him drive; he took her into a remote area of the county, and then shot her in the head. He disposed of her body and then stole her car; Hamm was last seen alive on July 16th of 2006, and her body was found by a road crew several weeks later. About that same time, Thomson was captured during an attempted carjacking, and was connected to Hedlund’s death. He faces the death penalty in Hedlund’s murder. Cowlitz County Prosecutor Sue Baur says that she plans to prosecute him in Hamm’s death, regardless of the outcome in California.