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Thoughtexchange Phase II

Posted on 31st October 2016 at 05:41

Phase two of “Thoughtexchange” is under way in the Longview School District, with the district now encouraging you to share. Through November 6th, you’ll now be able to go onto the Longview School District web page and review comments that were made in the first phase of Thoughtexchange; after that review, you’ll then be able to “star” the comments that are most meaningful to you. Sandy Catt with the Longview School District says that they got 1,936 comments in the first phase of Thoughtexchange, people sharing what they see as the positive and negative attributes of the school district. In this second phase, you’ll be able to “star” the comments that you find most important. The third phase of the process will be to see how the input and comments connect to community values. Get more information and get involved in the Thoughtexchange process by going to, and click on the “Join the Conversation” button.