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Threat Sentences

Posted on 6th August 2014 at 08:53

A man and wife who had assaulted her parents, and then threatened to harm them further if they didn’t drop the charges are both going to be spending some additional time in the Graybar Hotel. Today’s Daily News reports on the sentencing of Lawrence Roussel, 43, and his wife, Rebecca Kathleen Roussel, 42. Last week, Lawrence Roussel was convicted of assault, after an incident in late May. During that dispute, he threw his wife’s mother to the ground, hitting her head. Rebecca Roussel’s 66 year-old father-in-law picked up a cane and tried to intervene, but Lawrence Roussel took the cane away, knocked the man down, and then held the cane against the man’s neck. The couple eventually escaped and called 911, but the next day, Rebecca Roussel called repeatedly, threatening to spread rumors about her father if the charges weren’t dropped. TDN reports that Rebecca Roussel pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted theft and second-degree attempted extortion, and was sentenced to six months in jail. She’s also being ordered to pay $1,875 in fines and restitution. Lawrence Roussel went to trial, and was convicted of second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, and fourth-degree domestic violence assault. He faces up to 14 month in prison, along with a 12-month extension for the deadly weapon enhancement. Sentencing is set for the 28th of this month.