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Ticket Change

Posted on 31st January 2017 at 08:28

Starting today, if you need to pay off a ticket that you got for speeding in school zone inside the City of Longview, you’ll need to do that at the Longview Police Department. On the 20th of last month, the city terminated its contract for school zone speed limit detection cameras with Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions. Starting today, the on-line option for paying a Notice of Infraction goes away; even with the expiration of the contract with ATS, all outstanding tickets must still be contested or paid. You can make those payments from 8 am until 4 pm at the Longview Police Department, located at 1351 Hudson Street. You can also mail your payment to P.O. Box 128, 98632; court-ordered payments need to be made through District Court at the Hall of Justice. Call Longview Police at 442-5800 if you have questions.