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TLHS Threat Arrest

Posted on 6th March 2018 at 08:53

The 15 year-old boy from Toutle who was identified as the person that had made threats to “shoot up” Toutle Lake High School is now being charged. The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office announced yesterday that the 15 year-old is now being held in Juvenile Detention, charged in connection with threats that were recently made at the school. The Sheriff’s Office notes that these charges come after a number of interviews were conducted, and additional details about the threats were uncovered. No new threats have been reported. The Sheriff’s Office also notes that the boy turned himself in voluntarily, and his father has also been cooperating fully with the investigation. Investigators say that they do not believe that the young man has any access to firearms. School officials have also been cooperating, while also relaying information to families in the district. The teen was originally taken in for a mental health evaluation after the threats surfaced. The teen said previously that he had been “joking.”