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Toledo Pleas

Posted on 28th October 2010 at 07:59

The three Toledo High School students thought to be involved in an assault and threats that led to a district-wide school closure earlier this month are pleading not guilty to felony burglary charges. The Centralia Chronicle reports on the court appearance by the three suspects. The students allegedly left the high school campus on the 14th of this month, intent on starting a fight with a Toledo Middle School student. The fight was nipped in the bud by school staff, and the three were sent away. That night, text messages and Facebook postings flew around town, discussing threats that were planned to be carried out the next day. As a precaution, all classes in all schools were called off on Friday, the 15th. The two 14 year-olds and a 15 year-old have been arraigned separately on first-degree burglary charges in connection with the original fight; prosecutors say that it’s first-degree burglary, because the trio entered the building with the intent of committing an assault.